At The Word, we truly believe that we have something to offer you and that you have something to offer us. Our ministries are designed to allow you to serve in the area(s) where you are spiritually gifted.

Marketing and Media

Provide multi-media opportunities to promote the WORD church and church activities
– website
– WOGCF on Facebook, twitter, Youtube
– Announcements, press releases and promotional materials

Youth Ministry

Our guiding scripture is Proverbs 22:6 – Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Each Youth Ministry Leader will focus on:

– Equipping children with the Word of God
– Helping students understand salvation
– Instructing youth on how to praise and worship God
– Inspiring them to pray for, serve and witness to others

First Impression Ministry

Making worship service a success. The role of our ushers are to:

– Greet each worshipper with a pleasant smile and warm welcome

– Ensure order is kept in and around the church

Marriage Ministry

Our Marriage Ministry is phenomenal. Marriage Ministry leaders use bible based teachings to provide practical solutions to the everyday challenges faced by all married couples. Couples use the word of God to learn how to rekindle the flame, discuss hot topics and speak their spouse’s love language.

Health and Wellness Ministry

The Word Health and Wellness Ministry challenges us all to take steps to lead healthier lives. The ministry leaders frequently provide health tips, wellness information, and free exercise classes.

Frontline Ministry

Our Frontline Ministry hosts a variety of annual and monthly recurring activities including an Annual Job Fair, Holiday Food and Toy Drives, Senior Sock Hops, Satin Hands and Game Days.

Financial Ministry

The Word Financial Ministry uses biblical principles to show participants God’s Way to being debt free. Participants learn what the Bible says about borrowing, saving, lending and giving. They explore the difference between having money and acquiring wealth, all while putting it in its proper perspective.