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The Word of God Christian Fellowship church is making an impact of the lives of the people of Cypress, TX. Our vision is to save and transform lives using the Word of God. The Word Church has been used by God as an instrument to bring people to Christ; baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit. Our programs have strengthened numerous marriages, helped people eliminate debt, fed the hungry, and provided school supplies and toys to children living in Cypress.

But the work is not done yet; in order for us to reach more people and expand our programs, we need people like you to volunteer your time and commit financially. A $50.00 contribution would help The Word Church enlarge our Annual Health and Wellness Forum, broaden the Annual Job Fair, sponsor a couple who could not otherwise afford it to attend a life changing marriage retreat, assist the church in launching tutoring services, increase the number of senior support initiates or expand our youth programs. Together, we can make an Impact! For more information about our programs or to find out more about how you can help, email



Members seeking financial assistance should contact the financial department at the church. The church has trained staff that can refer individuals seeking help with food, rental or utility assistance. To qualify for monetary assistance, the members should be in good standing (tithing )wit, must have been a member with the church for atleast six months, and needs to agree to attend financial training classes. Members can receive assistance once in a twelve month period, and funds are distributed based on current budgetary restraints.

Marriage Counseling

There are numerous challenges that are common to all married people. The Word church helps couples thrive in their marriage through education and socialization. Our focus is to help build and strengthen marital relationships based on biblical principles. The Word will teach you how to discuss those hot topics while training you to speak your spouse’s love language.